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Purchase Order Terms and Conditions PT. Knitto Textile Indonesia

We would like to inform You that by continuing Your order and making payments, You are deemed to have read and understood the Order Terms and Conditions of PT Knitto Tekstil Indonesia Website. In the event that You do not agree with the Order Terms and Conditions on this Website, then We recommend You not to proceed with the order.

Order Terms and Conditions of Knitto are as follows:


Some terms in this Order Terms and Conditions have the following meanings:

  1. You/Your/Yours , means customer or Website users.
  2. We/Our/Us , means PT Knitto Tekstil Indonesia.
  3. Offline Purchase , means the purchase of the Products is directly by visiting Our stores.
  4. Online Purchase , means the purchase of the Products is through the Website, WhatsApp, and e-commerce: Tokopedia, Shopee.
  5. Product , means all fabrics (with a variation of types, colors, and size), or another product, that sold by PT Knitto Tekstil Indonesia on the Website.
  6. Website , means PT Knitto Tekstil Indonesia website, www.knitto.co.id


You can buy Our Products through Online or Offline Purchase. The terms and conditions for purchasing Our Products are as follows:

  1. Online Purchase:
    1. We recommend You to look at Our Products one by one to determine which Product(s) suits Your needs.
    2. We always try to provide Product photos with colors that are as similar or as accurate as possible with the original Product. But We cannot guarantee that the colors of the Products displayed on the Website, Our official social media, or e-commerce services is 100% accurate. This is due to the difference in light factors, and differences in the appearance of the electronic media display.
    3. After finding a Product that suits You, make a purchase immediately. We recommend that You re-check the Product(s) (type, color, or size) that You choose, whether on the Website, e-commerce, or WhatsApp, this is because We are not responsible for purchase errors that You make of your own choice.
    4. If You make Products purchase from Our Website, please make sure that You purchase from Our official Website, www.knitto.co.id.
    5. In the event You make Product purchase from Our Website or WhatsApp, You will be directed to Our portal: portal.knitto.co.id for further purchasing processes. Your order status contained in the portal is for information only. We cannot guarantee that the order status or data displayed in the portal always correct, or without errors, or without bugs.
    6. If You make Product purchase from market place, please make sure that You purchase from Our official account at:
      1. https://www.tokopedia.com/knitto
      2. https://shopee.co.id/knitto
    7. For market place purchase, You are obliged to fulfil the terms and conditions of purchase that apply in that market place.
    8. We are not responsible for online purchase that You make outside the Website, WhatsApp, and market places outside Our official accounts.
    9. Especially for fabrics with an orange color, they have a different sensitivity compared to other colors. In addition to electronic media (Point 1 letter b) of this Part), the angles when viewing the physical fabric and the ambient lighting also affect. Therefore, there is a possibility that You will find differences when You see the fabric in an orange color from different angles and places.We always check the color of the fabric using special tools, and make sure the color of the fabric matches the standards that We apply.
  2. Offline Purchase :
    1. You can make Offline Purchases at Our official stores, which the locations are listed on the Website.
    2. Offline Purchase Terms and Conditions, follows the procedures that apply in Our stores.
  3. The payment for the purchase of Product(s) can be done in accordance with the payment terms in Part D.
  4. After the payment has been confirmed for your purchased Product(s), You are not allowed to make any more changes to the Product(s) (either type, color, or size).
  5. The procedure of Delivery and Product Pick-Up that You purchased is as set out in Part E.
  6. We need to inform You that differences in gross and net weight (Kg) are common. We apply provisions regarding the difference in weight (gross and net) or fabric shrinkage tolerance that You can claim as You can see in our Return Policy.
  7. We also apply a minimum purchase to You, which is 1 (one) Kg per color. If Product stock is available, You are allowed to make purchases under 1 (one) Kg, but with a note that You are required to take the whole Product(s) (the fabric(s) cannot be cut again).
  8. We cannot sell Products in meters.


  1. We inform You, that the price of Product(s) both on Online and Offline Purchase use Rupiah currency, and according to Our policy, there will be a possibility that the Product prices in Online Purchase and Offline Purchase will be different.
  2. The prices of the Product(s) listed on the Website is VAT included in accordance with applicable tax regulations.
  3. All prices that We stated in Our price list uses the unit price per Kg.
  4. Gross Price is the purchase price of the roll Product(s) per Kg, which is calculated based on gross weight.
  5. Net Price is the purchase price of the retail fabric Product per Kg, which is calculated based on net weight.
  6. For Products such as collars and cuffs, the sales are based on weight even if You request them to be counted per piece(s). Collar weight = 0.03 Kg/piece, and cuff = 0.02 Kg/piece.
  7. The price of Our Products, whether through Online or Offline Purchase, can be changed at any time without prior notice. Therefore, We advise You to do a re-examination of the Products You want to buy.
  8. We reserve the right to cancel Your order in the event that Your Product purchase uses the incorrect price(s) (not the right prices we apply), of course by first informing You about the error in the price(s).
  9. The prices of the Products listed on the Website or market place do not include the cost of delivery.


  1. The payment of Product purchase can be made by telegraphic transfer to one of Our bank account under the name of PT Knitto Tekstil Indonesia at the following banks:
    1. PT Bank Central Asia Tbk. (BCA); or
    2. PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk. (Mandiri);
  2. We ask You to re-examine both the Product(s) to be purchased, the terms of Product Delivery and Pick-Up, as well as the number of Our bank account for the payment. Your mistake in the payment process will delay the Product order process, and We have no responsibility for Your mistake.
  3. After You make a payment into Our bank account, please send to Us the proof of the payment for the Product purchase, including the name of the bank account owner, to the official WhatsApp number of PT Knitto Tekstil Indonesia as stated in point 6 of this Part.
  4. After We confirm Your payment, We will process Your order and Your order will enter the queue.
  5. We need to inform You, that We have the right to cancel Your purchase on the Website in the event that:
    1. You do not make a payment for the Product purchase within 1 X 24 hours; or
    2. The payment You make cannot be verified by Our bank.
  6. Our official WhatsApp number is:
    1. 082120003035
  7. You can use the WhatsApp number in point 6 to submit the proof of Your payment, and/or to contact Us in the event You have any question about a Product purchase.


  1. We need to inform You that the speed of Product delivery is affected by the queue of purchase orders that We handle. During normal times, the fastest Product delivery time is 1 working day after We receive the payment confirmation. However, We cannot promise that Product delivery will always be normal, there are times when We needs more time to deliver the Product.
  2. In the event that We are able to deliver the Product(s) in 1 (one) working day after We receive the payment confirmation), We must receive the payment confirmation from You before 14.30 (Western Indonesia Time).
  3. In the event We receive Your payment confirmation after 14.30 (Western Indonesia Time), the fastest delivery of the Product(s) is within 2 (two) working days (Product is delivered two working days after We receive the payment confirmation).
  4. We will send the proof of Product delivery/receipt to You via Our official WhatsApp number.
  5. We have no responsibility for the failure of Product delivery, that is caused by Your mistake in providing Your data (including but not limited to the incorrect of name, address, phone number, or email).
  6. You have agreed that the courier/logistic party is the party that You choose when purchasing Our Products. Therefore We have no responsibility for the delivery cost (that You bear), and for the Product(s) that has been transferred from Us to the courier/logistic party. Complaints about the delivery cost or the Product delivery process must be resolved by You and the courier/logistic party.
  7. When You receive the Product(s) from the courier/logistic party, You must make an unboxing video. You must send the video for claim purposes (whether it is claim to Us or to the courier/logistic party (if necessary)). If You do not make an unboxing video, then We cannot help You in the event if Your Product(s) has problems (partial missing or damaged) caused by Our process or by the shipping process of the courier/logistic party.
  8. We will help You to communicate with the courier/logistics party, in the event that the Product(s) You purchased are lost (partly) or damaged due to negligence or an error in the delivery process by the courier/logistics party. Therefore, You must give Us notification no later than 1 x 24 hours after You receive the Product. We cannot help You in the event that You give Us notification beyond that time limit.
  9. We need to inform You, that the delivery cost of Product listed in the invoice (either in temporary total cost or final invoice, that We give to You), is temporary delivery cost. We will inform You the final delivery cost after We receive a final invoice from the courier/logistic party. In the event that the temporary delivery cost You pay is less than the final delivery cost billed by the courier/logistic party, we will bill You for the shortfall. If the temporary delivery cost You pay is more than the final delivery cost billed by the courier/logistic party, then for the excess payment, We will credit it to Your account deposit. If You want the excess payment returned, then You can inform Us immediately, and We will return it to Your bank account within maximum 7 (seven) working days after the delivery date.
  10. In the event where You intend to pick-up Your order at Our location:
    1. When Your purchased Product is ready to pick-up, Our customer service will inform You that You can pick-up Your order at Our location;
    2. When picking-up Your order, You are required to provide verification code or picking-up code listed on the Invoice to Our security personnel, to ensure that the Product(s) that is taken is not switched with other customers;
    3. If the Product(s) You purchased is taken by courier or online motorcycle taxi driver, then please make sure that Your courier or online motorcycle taxi driver gives Our security personnel the verification code or the pick-up code.
    4. The maximum time limit for picking-up the Product You purchased is 1 (one) month, starting from the time that Our customer service informs You that Your order can be picked-up. In the event the that pick-up takes more than that time period, We have no responsibility if the Product(s) is damage or loss.
    5. We have no responsibility for any loss or damage of the Product(s) that has been taken by the party You assigned.


  1. We accept custom orders for Products (only for fabrics), according to Your needs. The custom can be on color, width, grammage, thickness, pattern, knitting, printing, or composition. You can contact Our Sales Team regarding the custom request, and Our Sales Team will inform You whether or not Your custom request is possible.
  2. In the event that the custom is possible, the minimum order quantity We apply are 12 (twelve) rolls (equivalent to 300 Kg) per type of fabric and color, this applies to multiples. We also accept order of 6 (six) rolls (equivalent to 150 Kg) with additional costs that We apply.For certain Productsthe minimum order quantity can be more than 12 (twelve) rolls, please make sure the minimum order quantity first with Our team.
  3. Open finish + Rp.3.000,-/Kg.
  4. The entire quantity of the order (fabrics) must be taken immediately and cannot be taken in part.
  5. The terms of payment for pre-order Product(s) are:
    1. Down payment of 30% (thirty percent); and
    2. Payment of 70% (seventy percent), shall be made before the Product delivery or before the Product pick-up (cash before delivery).
  6. The price for pre-order system includes 10% (ten percent) VAT, and We can provide You tax invoice.
  7. We need to inform You that the gross prices of pre-orders can change at any time following the fluctuation of the yarn prices before the Purchase Order confirmation is received.
  8. Before You give the Purchase Order/PO, the Product sample must be approved by You first.
  9. The production period for pre-order Products is approximately 1 (one) month, starting from the time We receive the PO under normal circumstances.
  10. After the order production has been completed and ready to be sent or picked-up, You must complete the remaining payment first. The maximum period for the payment of settlement and for picking-up the Product is 1 (one) month after We give You the information that the Product is ready. In the event that the payment and pick-up exceeds 1 (one) month, then the Product will be considered Ours, and the down payment that You have paid will be deemed forfeited.


We provide You the opportunity to return the Products You have purchased, with the terms and conditions as set out in Our Return Policy.


In the event that You need a sample of Our Product (fabric), We can provide it for free with the following conditions:

  1. The sample size We can provide is 10 x 10 cm;
  2. Maximum 10 (ten) pieces of fabric sample types;
  3. Maximum 1 (one) color for each type of fabric, if that type of fabric is not yet available in the individual catalog;
  4. If there are new colors that are not yet available in the catalog, then You are allowed to request all new colors;
  5. The cost of sending the fabric samples will be Your responsibility.


  1. We can issue tax invoice for Our customer who have NPWP (Indonesia Tax Payer dentification Number) and registered as PKP (taxable enterprise). If You need tax invoice, make sure the name in the order matches Your tax data.
  2. In the event You need a tax invoice, please send to Our email: [email protected] these following data:
    1. NPWP;
    2. SPPKP;
    3. Email address;
    4. Contact person; and
    5. Phone number (active).
  3. The tax invoice must match Your order data and Your tax data. We do not accept any changes of name for the tax invoice.
  4. Submission of tax invoice can only be done after We handover or delivered the Product. Tax invoice request has to made no later than 7 (seven) calendar days after You receive the Product.
  5. We will issue the tax invoice no later than the 15th of the following month.
  6. We will send the tax invoice to the email address You used to apply for the tax invoice at [email protected].
  7. If there is a return or the cancellation of the order, You required to make a return note for the return or cancellation in accordance with the applicable tax provisions, and send it to Our email, [email protected].


We reserve the right to make changes to these Order Terms and Conditions at any time without notifying You first. On this basis, We ask You to always re-read the Terms and Condition that We apply.


  1. Force majeure is an event that occurs beyond human ability, and cannot be avoided, so that an activity cannot be carried out fully or cannot be carried out properly.
  2. Things that are included as the category of force majeure are wars, riots, revolution, natural disasters, fires, strikes, government policy, and another condition that must be declared by the authorized party.
  3. In the event of force majeure, We reserve the right to postpone Our obligation to You, until We are able to undertake to fulfill Our obligation again.
  4. In the event where We are affected by a force majeure event, We will try to inform You, along with Our estimated time to be able to fulfill Our obligations to You.

3.6 Version. Last updated on January 17th 2023.

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