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We try to protect Your personal information that You give to Us, because Your trust is important to Us. Please read Our Privacy Policy before You do transactions on Our Website, this for Your safety only.

Our Privacy policy is as follows:


Some terms in this Privacy Policy has the following meanings:

  1. You/Your/Yours, means customer or Website users
  2. We/Our/Us, means PT Knitto Tekstil Indonesia.
  3. Product, 3.means all fabrics (with a variation of types, colors, and size), or another product(s), that is sold by PT Knitto Tekstil Indonesia on Website.
  4. Website, 4.means PT Knitto Tekstil Indonesia website,


  1. Basically, Your information that We collect on the Website is the information that You use for registering an account and making the purchase transaction on the Website, as follows:

    1. Name;
    2. Delivery addresses;
    3. Email;
    4. Phone number/cell phone/WhatsApp;
    5. Your transaction data on the Website;
    6. Your communication with Us, by phone, WhatsApp, email, or other communication.

    Hereinafter referred to as "Your Information".

  2. We hope Your Information (related to personal data) are up to date, accurate and complete. This is to facilitate Your transactions with Us.

  3. We assume that Your Information that You gave is correct and accurate. We have no obligation to recheck Your Information, and We have no responsibility for conditions that arise as a result of Your incorrect Information.

  4. We collect Your Information if You provide the information to Us freely.

  5. All of Your Information will be protected by Us, and We only use them for Your transaction on Our Website, or the need of providing the latest information on Our Website. The exception of this is as set out in Part C this Privacy Policy.

  6. You are aware, that for the purpose of transaction on the Website, there is a possibility that We give Your Information to third parties, such as delivery party or logistic party.

  7. Our Website services will be limited for You, if You did not provide Your Information. You can not purchase Product from the Website if You do not have an account on Our Website.

  8. We will save and use Your Information as far as Your Information still relevant, on the purpose to collect Our customer data, or in case it is regulated by law.

  9. We need to inform You, that You still can access Our Website without registration or provide Your Information.

  10. We cannot identify You, unless You registered or have an account on Our Website.

  11. For those of You that have registered and have an account on Our Website, We ask You to renew Your Information in case there is a change.


  1. If required by the law, We have the right to disclose Your Information to the authorities. For the disclosure of Your Information that is required by the law, You agree not to sue against Us.
  2. We have the right to retain Your Information as long as You are the active owner of an account on the Website.
  3. We have the right to delete Your Information in the event that You are a non-active owner of an account on the Website.


We are open to all questions, suggestions, opinions, criticisms in connection with the Privacy Policy that We apply or in according to the use of this Website. For this purpose, You can contact Our customer service via email: [email protected].


With the purpose to upgrade Your security and comfort, We have the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy that We apply, at any time and without prior notice. Therefore, We hope You can re-read the Privacy Policy on Our Website from time to time.

2021.1.1. Version. Last updated on 23rd June 2021.

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