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Fabric Terminology


Is the fabric condition of having the form of or consisting of a tube.


Is the condition of the tubular fabric that has been split in two.


Mercerized is a textile finishing process for fabrics, especially for cotton after knitting. Mercerized fabrics are able to absorb more water, less hairiness and the fabric is more absorbent in color but the effect is that the fabric becomes stiff and the hand feel is less soft.


Is a textile finishing process for fabrics after knitting. Compared to mercerized fabrics, the characteristics of non-mercerized fabrics are softer and less stiff.

Quick Drying

Quick Dry is a technology which applied to fabrics so that the cloth has the ability to dry quickly when wet. Materials equipped with quick dry technology are also easy to absorb body heat and then released into the air so that they will feel cool and comfortable when used.

UV Protection

Is the ability to ward off sunlight. UV protection cloth can absorb and remove moisture. So that the clothes used are still comfortable, not hot, even though they are used for activites under the sunlight.


Is a fabric that is used as an additional accessory for the t-shirt material on the neck of the shirt.


Is a thick cloth that is used as an additional accessory for jacket material and is used on the wrist and waist of the jacket.


Colar is one of the accossories available to complement the pique material, this accessory material is used for the neck of the polo shirt.


Are one of the accessories available to complement the pique material, this accessory material is used for the sleeves of the polo shirt.


Spandex is a synthetic material that uses a polyurethane as a base which was developed in 1937 by IG Farben in Germany. Spandex is liked by many people for its elastic ability. SPandex can be stretched or drawned about 5-8 times the normal sized of the elasticity of a material.


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