Beware of Scams

We, PT Knitto Tekstil Indonesia (“KNITTO”) would like to remind our customers and the public to be more careful when making online purchases. Online purchases of KNITTO products can only be made through:

  1. Our official website :
  2. E-commerce : and
  3. Our official WhatsApp : 082120003025 & 082122122135

KNITTO's official social media are as follows:

  1. Instagram : knitto.textiles
  2. Facebook : knitto.textiles
  3. YouTube : knitto.textiles
  4. LinkedIn :

For your information, in all transactions KNITTO always uses bank accounts in the name of PT Knitto Tekstil Indonesia, and KNITTO's official bank account is not in the name of an individual person. KNITTO does not recognize other online purchases except through the accounts or bank account that was mentioned above.

Therefore, once again KNITTO urges customers and the public to be careful of parties who act on behalf of KNITTO in online purchases.

If you require any further information, or wish to inform the misuse of the KNITTO name, please contact:

WhatsApp : 082120003035 Email : [email protected]

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