About Us

Knitto Textiles is a modern textile trading and retail company, particularly knit fabrics with premium quality and best prices. We ship worldwide and nationwide to all cities in Indonesia.

Our group of companies has decades of experience manufacturing our own knit fabrics in our textile factories. The fabrics in our stores have been inspected through quality control to ensure the finest quality standards. Your trust and satisfaction are our number one priorities. Therefore, Knitto Textiles always strive to provide better fabric quality and services for you.

Our Milestones

Knitto was initially a small fabric store founded in 2014 in the center of Bandung. Since our establishment, our company has been growing rapidly. Until now our company has 4 different locations in Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang and Surabaya.

Story Behind The Brand

Knitto’s logo is the combination of a ripe cotton flower shape and the infinity symbol to show experiences, prosperity, unlimited possibilities and hope for long lasting business. The dark blue color represents corporate power, trust, commitment, security and dependability.

The word "Knitto" derived from English Languange "Knit" which means "Rajut" in Indonesia Languange. In the textile industry, knitting is a process of manufacturing fabrics through combining several loops of yarn using a knitting machine. In general, knitted fabrics are used for the main materials for making t-shirts, polo shirts, and jackets.

logo knitto
Background Vision Mission Section

Our Vision

To become the best and leading modern fabric shop in Indonesia and overseas

Mission Statement

Providing the best quality products, choices and services

Providing convenience and comfort in the shopping experience

Helping fashion entrepreneurs to develop and contribute in Indonesia's economic growth

Inspire, educate and support Indonesia’s fashion industry

Core Values


"Providing premium quality fabrics that meet customer expectations."

Customer Satisfaction

"Providing the best service that fulfil customer needs."


"Responsible and committed to give what has been promised."


"Developing new ideas and relentless improvement."


"Flexibility to adapt according to the current development."