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In order to increase Your convenience while using Our Website, We use cookies on the Website. We would like to inform You that by continuing to use this Website, You understand and agree to the use of cookies on Our Website.

We set Our Cookie Policy as follows:


Some terms in this Cookie Policy has following meanings:

  1. You/Your/Yours, means customer or Website users.
  2. Cookies, means small files that are placed on Your browser (whether browsing on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone) when You visit or access Our Website.
  3. We/Our/Us, means PT Knitto Tekstil Indonesia.
  4. Website, means PT Knitto Tekstil Indonesia website,


  1. We use Cookies with the purpose of giving Us information about how You use the Website or Your experience while using Our Website and the services in it.
  2. By getting information about how You use and Your experience while using the Website, We hope to be able to create improvements and develop Our Website better in the future. The goal is that You can use Our Website more productively.
  3. The purpose of using Cookies also to find out the usage statistics of the Website (and the services in it) by Ours customers, including You.


  1. Although when You open and use the Website, Your browser will automatically accept Cookies, but if You feel uncomfortable, You can adjust the use of Cookies on Your browser, include deleting the Cookies from the “browser history” (cache) when You leave the Website.
  2. As an effort to improve Our services and Website content, We may use features from third parties (for example, statistical calculation features), which will be used based on Your experience when using Our Website.
  3. We reserve the right to make changes to the Cookie Policy at any time without prior notification. Therefore, We recommend You to always re-read the policies that We apply before using Our Website.

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