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Terms and Conditions of PT Knitto Tekstil Indonesia Website

Welcome to Knitto Website!

We need to inform You, for those of You who do not agree with part or all of the provisions in Knitto Website Terms and Conditions, We advise You to stop accessing this Website. Because by accessing and using the services on this Website, it means that You have agreed to all the Terms and Conditions that We apply to this Website.

The following are the Terms and Conditions for using the Knitto Website, www.knitto.co.id :


Some terms in this Website Terms and Conditions has following meaning:

  1. You/Your/Yours, means customer or Website users.
  2. We/Our/Us, means PT Knitto Tekstil Indonesia.
  3. Product, means all fabrics (with a variation of types, colors, and size), or other product(s), that is sold by PT Knitto Tekstil Indonesia on Website.
  4. Website, means are PT Knitto Tekstil Indonesia website, www.knitto.co.id.


  1. Website users are required to comply with the terms of Website Usage as follows:

    1. When You access and using the services on the Website, as a user You agree to follow the Terms and Conditions or another procedure that We apply to this Website;

    2. As a Website user, You are a legally mature and/or legally responsible party;

    3. You are prohibited from pretending to be another party, or providing incorrect personal data on the Website;

    4. You must re-check, the provision of Your personal data on the Website. We have no responsibility for communication errors or other errors caused by the incorrect personal data (name, address, phone number, email, etc.) that You give on the Website;

    5. You advised to update Your personal data on the Website, in the event that the data changes;

    6. You are prohibited from taking any data and/or information on the Website, for personal gain or satisfaction, and without Our written permission;

    7. You are prohibited from illegally accessing the Website, hacking the Website, changing data or Website system, and/or causing damage to the Website in any way or in any form;

    8. That all actions You take on the Website (including the use of Our service), are actions that You are responsible for, and You accept all risks for the actions You take on the Website.

  2. We always try to provide Product photos with the colors that as similar or accurate as possible with the original Product. However, We cannot guarantee that Product colors displayed on the Website are 100% accurate. This due to the difference in light factors and the differences in the appearance of the electronic media used.

  3. The price of the Product listed on the Website may be different from the price in Our store directly.

  4. We provide information access for You regarding the latest information of Website as follows:

    1. By clicking “SUBSCRIBE” button on the Website, You indicated that You are willing to receive emails containing the latest information from Us or Our Product promotions;

    2. To unsubscribe from informational or promotional email, You can click the “UNSUBSCRIBE” button on the Website or email.

  5. We advise, those of You who want to make purchases transaction on the Website, to read the Order Terms and Condition as well as the Return Policy first. We need to inform You, that Your negligence for not properly reading the information that We provide, is Your personal responsibility.

  6. We reserve the right to make changes to everything contained on the Website, therefore We advise You to always re-read every information, policy, and/or terms and conditions on the Website.

  7. We always try to provide convenience when You are accessing the Website, by always improving and updating Our Website system. However, We cannot guarantee that Our Website is free from viruses. We apologize in advance to You if that happens, and We ask You to inform Us about this, as a step for our future improvements.


We try our best to protect the privacy of Our Website users. Detail of Privacy Policy on the Website can be seen on the Privacy Policy. Before You provide Your data on the Website, We ask You to read Our Privacy Policy first. Your negligence to read Our Privacy Policy is Your personal responsibility.


  1. All materials, data, information, images, videos, and other matters, as well as intellectual property, including but not limited to Website copyrights, logos, brands, designs, features, and content, which exist and/or contained in this Website is wholly owned by PT Knitto Tekstil Indonesia.
  2. Anyone, with any purpose, is prohibited from taking, using, modifying, reproducing, manipulating, re-engineering, copying, re-displaying, the things as stated on point 1 Part D, without prior written permission from PT Knitto Tekstil Indonesia.
  3. We will try to protect Our property and Our rights from threats or malicious actions of another party, in accordance with the legal provisions in force in the Republic of Indonesia.
  4. In the event that You are aware of any plans or actions of other parties, which will or have violated Our intellectual property rights, then We ask You to notify Us about these matters via email: [email protected] or via Our official WhatsApp. The information that You provide will be very meaningful for Us.


  1. We reserve the rights to add materials, or make a change, about content, images, videos, data, information, policy, terms and conditions, or procedures on the Website without prior notification.
  2. We always strive to provide accurate information for You, but We cannot guarantee that all information available on the Website is accurate, without error, or up to date.
  3. The price of the Product listed on the Website may change at any time without prior notification.
  4. In accordance with the Order Terms and Conditions, We will deliver the Products You purchased after We receive the payment. We have the right to cancel the purchase transaction in the event when You as the buyer does not make payments for the period We have determined, or payment verification that You make cannot be verified by Our bank.
  5. We reserve the right to close Your inactive account for the period 5 (five) years without prior notification.
  6. We reserve the right to terminate Your access to this Website, if We know that You have violated Our Website Terms and Conditions.


  1. System Development. We may from time to time develop a Website system to maintain security and increase Your convenience as a Website user. We need to inform You that there is a possibility that the Website will be difficult or even unusable during the system development. In the event We will carry out the system development, We will try to provide information to You regarding the period of the system development. We apologize to You in advance if things are uncomfortable during system development on Our Website.
  2. Invalidity. In the event that any part of this Website Terms and Conditions become invalid due to applicable legal provisions, the invalidity of that part does not affect the validity of another part of the terms and conditions. We will try to immediately repair the invalid part for Your convenience.

2021.1.1 Version. Last updated on 23rd June 2021.

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