FAQ Inggris

Yes, now Knitto Yogyakarta receives order from different cities and will deliver using shipping service.
Knitto provides shipping to all cities in Indonesia using your preferable shipping service. However, all shipping fees are buyers’ liability.
Direct shipment from our store is available with a minimum order of 4 rolls and a maximal distance of 10 KM (from our store in Bandung and Yogyakarta)
TC: The composition consists of more polyester, poor in absorbing sweat. CVC: The composition consists of more cotton, more effective in absorbing sweat.
Threetone: Fabric which consists of 3 different colors Twotone: Fabric which consists of 2 different colors.
Grammage is unit of weight measurement of fabric in grams/square meter (m2). So the fabric will be thicker if the grammage is heavier.
The width of fabric, or many people refer as fabric setting, is the width of 1 roll of fabric that is spreaded out and measured usually in “inch”.For example, fabric setting of 34”, 36”, 38”, 40”, and 42”.
The thickness difference depends on the grammage (grams/m2). The smaller the number of the fabric thickness, the thicker the fabric will be, and the grammage will also be heavier. For example 20s fabric is thicker that 24s, 30s, and 40s fabric.
20s: 190-200 gsm 24s: 175-185 gsm 30s: 140-150 gsm

Lacoste and Pique fabric has the same usability which is for making Polo-shirts. Yet, there is a difference in the knitting structure of the yarn. The knitting of Lacoste is square-shaped while Pique is hexagon-shaped. The difference between the two is hard to tell at a glance, but it will clearly visible using magnifier.

Black Sulfur has a denser color and cheaper price, but cannot be discharge-screen printed. Black reactive has a less dense color and can be discharge-screen printed but the price is more expensive.
Types of premium fabrics available on our stores: Cotton Bamboo, Cotton Modal, and Cotton Supima.
The superiorities of Bamboo fiber are excellent in absorbing sweat, anti-germ, anti-odor, and anti-static electricity. It is recyclable and suitable for sensitive skin due to its softness and lightness. It is also elastic, durable, and comfortable to wear.
Supima Cotton has 3 primary superiorities: a stronger fiber, softer, and brighter color.
The fabric with Jet Black color has a denser black color than usual. The reactive material can be used for many types of screen printing including discharge.
For Combed 30s: ± 3 meter   For Combed 24s: ± 2,5 meter For Combed 20s: ± 1,5 - 2 meter  
For 1 Kg of Combed 30s usually can be made into 4 to 5 pieces of shirt in L size (Large), and 5 to 6 pieces of shirt in S and M size. It can only be 4 pieces if it is in XL size (Extra Large).
We do, with a minimum quantity of 1 Kg.
Yes, they can! They are purchasable through Whatsapp, our website, or directly in our stores. You can also purchase them through Tokopedia and Shopee.
Every type of Combed Cotton is actually good for shirt materials. Yet, it depends on your preference, whether you want the shirt to be thick or thin. We suggest using Combed 30s because the quantity of the shirt will be higher. It is also comfortable and favorable to most people.
Until now, we still recommend the Combed Cotton or Bamboo Cotton due to its softness and lightness of the material. The thickness depends on your preference, whether you want the hijab/veil to be thick or thin.
There is. You can use Spandex Rib for more elasticity and durability.
Yes, they are. We sell collars and cuffs separately. You can buy one of them independently according to what you need. You can buy them in our stores.
Common types to use: Combed Cotton, Bamboo Cotton, Modal Cotton, and more.
Cotton types that are suitable for Geos are CVC threetone, Combed 24s, Pique Hexagon, Baby Terry and Fleece.
Yes, you can with minimum quantity order of 12 rolls in 1 color and will be done within 30-45 days of manufacturing.
No, we do not. We only sell the fabrics/cottons.
CVC Siro Chameleon material is quite comfortable and can also absorb sweat quite well because it still contains more cotton.
You can ask our customer service or visit https://knitto.co.id/harga-kain-kaos-premium/
For children, it is best to use Cotton Bamboo and Cotton Modal because they have anti-bacterial and suitable for sensitive skin. Combed Cotton is also usable.
Slub Siro and Siro Chameleon are not the same. Siro Chameleon is not Slub type and the texture of the fabric is different.
Supima Cotton is better in quality and more premium.
Our operasional hours: Monday – Friday (08.30-16.30) Saturday (08.30 – 14.30)
Our shrink standard is still below intertek standard which is 7%.
To know whether they are anti-bacterial or not, it can be done in test labolatory.
1 Kg of fabric combed especially 30s, can be made into 8-10 pieces depends on the size.
The difference is on the cotton material used. Combed Fleece uses Combed material, so the quality is higher than Fleece Carded Cotton.
They are equally good, but a denser color on Jet Black.
No, every Rib follows the thickness on the body of the fabric.
Of couse, because the main function of CVC Astro fabric is for shirts.