Welcome to Knitto Fabric Store Website! These are Knitto’s e-commerce terms and conditions of use: Knitto.co.id

These are terms and condition of using Knitto’s website. If you do not agree to part of or all terms and conditions listed here, we kindly ask you to stop accessing our website. By continuing to use this website, you agree to all our terms and condisitons.

  1.    Intellectual Properties

All materials on this website belong to Knitto ( PT Knitto Tekstil Indonesia ) and we entitled to protect all intellectual properties on this website in the name of law. Using and taking materials from this website for any reasons are strictly prohibited. We own all rights on all materials provided on this website.

  1.    Use of Knitto’s Website

By using this website, you agree to fully comply with all our terms and conditions, including every changes or revisions that we may apply from times to times.

  • Pretending to be someone else or giving a fake identity for any reason on Knitto’s website are strictly prohibited.
  • Accessing Knitto’s website for illegal actions/reasons is strictly prohibited.
  • Knitto is not responsible for any mistakes of order details by users such as address, phone number, e-mail, etc.
  • We always try to provide photos that show the colors of our products as authentic as possible. However, we cannot ensure that the colors shown on our website are 100% accurate.
  • The prices shown on our website may be different to the price on our store.
  1.    Knitto’s Rights
  • We are entitled to add materials and make changes to the contents or delete information from this website anytime without prior notice.
  • We always try to give accurate information, however we cannot be ensure that all the information available on this website are accurate, updated, or without mistakes.
  • All prices available on this website may change without prior notice.
  • We will deliver products after all the payment complete. We are entitled to cancel sale contract if buyers do not complete the payment within the determined deadline or payment cannot be verified by the Bank.
  • If there is any violation of the terms and conditions, we are entitled to prohibit your access to this website.

Product Return Policy

If there is any mistake of the delivered product from our side, buyers are entitled to return/exchange/replace the product if:

  • Items have not been cut at all.
  • Items have manufacturing defects – Product defect tolerance on 1 roll of fabric (25 Kgs) is 10 points.
  • Delivered items are different from the order.
  • Maximum limit of return is 3 days after the items arrive at the destination.
  • The weight of item is still the same.
  • Payment receipt is still available.
  • Plastic and fabric label are returned to the prior condition.
  1.    Your information & Details

Permission to accept e-mails: You accept to receive e-mails regarding our information and promotions. If you can decide to stop subscribing and not receiving any promotion e-mails by clicking “Unsubscribe” button provided on this email.


  1. Knitto, “we”, “us”, refers to PT Knitto Tekstil Indonesia on Jl. Kebon Jukut 15, Bandung.
  2. “You” refers to buyers, customers.

We protect all your personal information that you have entrusted us with on this website. Your trust and privacy are very important to us, and we protect them seriously.

We will store and use your personal information as long as necessary to complete and deliver your order and it is allowed by the law.

You can access our website without registration or giving any personal information. We will not be able to identify you unless you have registered an account on our website.

Information that we store on Knitto’s website are:

  • Name
  • Shipping Address
  • E-mail
  • Phone Number
  • Mobile Phone Number

If there are changes on your personal information, we would like you to update your personal information on our website to be more recent, accurate, and complete.

We only store your personal information if you voluntarily provide them to us. If you do not wish to give any personal information, some features on this website will be limited. You cannot make any purchase unless you have registered an account on this website.

Privacy Policy Changes

Knitto can modify and change privacy policy on this website anytime. Every modification or change we do will be published on this website.

Knitto’s Rights

Knitto is entitled to give your personal information if it is required by law or authorities. By using this website, you agree not to indict us for releasing your personal information.

Contact Knitto

If you want to appeal for our privacy policy agreement/ have questions or issues regarding the use of this website/ need help/ make suggestion or comments, you can contact our customer service on this email.